vibration sensor

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The sensor is designed to assess pattern of pressure changes in the manifolds of the diesel and petrol engine power systems. It is also used for timing signals with the moment of fuel injection while diagnosing diesel engines.

Key Features


ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Supply voltage

not provided

Output Signal Type


Operating temperature range

-20 to 80°С

Output Signal

Recommended Sampling Rate

Signal Cable Length

2.5 m

Housing Material

Sensor weight

200 g

Output cable connector



anodic blackening

Operating temperature range


The Sensor Design

The sensor is mounted on the fuel pipe without immediate contact with fuel and registers pipe line’s insignificant deformations, which are proportional to the change in pressure and converts them into appropriate voltage. The sensor is used to assess the condition of injectors in gasoline and diesel engines and high-pressure fuel equipment for recording the injection timing. It can also be used as a sensor for a diesel engine stroboscope.