TL-mlp Multipurpose Test Lead

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The multipurpose test lead is an integral part of an automotive oscilloscope. It allows you to evaluate output voltage and catch waveforms in car connectors, terminals and other circuits.

Key Features


ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Operating voltage

no more than 60 V

Removable lead connector

4 mm “banana”

Output connector


Total length

2.5 m

Operating temperature range

-20 to 80℃


160 g



Video Lessons

Test leads review and alternator diagnosing on Ford Focus 2 (watch from 4:28)

Showing how to perform the CSS script by Andrey Shulgin or Cylinders efficiency using MT Pro automotive oscilloscope (watch from 13:49)

Diagnosing a starting and charging system with an example of Subaru Imreza. Connection the TL-mlp test lead to the battery being tested (watch from 8:00)

Contents of delivery

  • A multipurpose test lead - 1 pc
  • A flexible pin lead probe - 1 pc
  • A red alligator clip lead probe – 1pc
  • A black alligator clip lead probe – 1pc

If necessary the set can be extended with plunger hooks.

Test leads are color-coded so the color of probes in the engine bay matches the color of the on-screen waveform in  Automotive Scope software, never again will you waste your time wondering which lead is which. When you place an order, you can choose the desired Test Lead color: red, blue, green.

TL-mlp Multipurpose Test Lead contents delivery

The Test Lead Design

The test lead is specially designed for making measurements in internal combustion engines. A soft microphone cable with a high density braided copper shield to minimize noise pickup so you can get high accuracy of the measured signal. 4 mm "Banana" plugs are used as test probe connectors; BNC is a sensor - oscilloscope connector.

With the help of a standard 4 mm Banana plug you can easily connect/disconnect/change test probes. This plug is compatible with test probes from other manufacturers as well as multimeters. Socket function is marked on the housing end.

TL-mlp Test Lead pinout

The removable leads are made of a flexible PVC cable. A flexible lead pin is ideal for connecting an oscilloscope to automotive connectors as well as other recessed areas. A thin pin and a handy holder allow connecting to virtually any connector without damaging the circuit and wiring insulation, which enables to reduce the circuit rust. The spring prevents the pin from accidental breakage.

When designing the test lead, high emphasis has been placed on a signal cables joint as this junction is damage-prone. Each of these joints includes a circuit board with the test lead’s electronic components. The board not only supports the loads, but also fixes the cable. Such solid joints prevent cable breakdown and increase its durability.

The test lead is compatible with the MT Pro scope as well as any other automotive oscilloscope. It can be connected to any analog channel.