SP-flexpin flexible probe pin

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Flexible probe needles are designed for connecting an oscilloscope to automotive circuits through the rear of the wiring loom connectors without having to use a break out box or damage the wire isolation as well as other recessed areas. Can be used with TL-dif, TL-mix4, TL-mix6 test leads.

Key Features


ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Operating voltage

no more than 60 V

Output connector

4 mm banana plug

Total length

0.3 m

Operating temperature range

-20 to 80℃


30 g




Contents of delivery

  • A flexible lead pin - 2 pcs
SP-flexpin flexible pin spare probe photo

Video Lessons

SP-flexpin test leads application in the repair of 2005 Renault Megane power windows

The test leads application in the repair of 1999 Mitsubishi Carisma

  • connecting to OBD connector to check blink-codes (watch form 1:06)
  • connecting to injector’s connector to catch driving pulses (watch form 5:50)
  • camshaft position sensor check (watch form 7:29)

The test leads application in the repair of 2006 Renault Espace

  • checking the handbrake button (watch form 4:48)
  • how not to spoil the connector when connecting the probe (watch form 11:43)

The Test Probes Design

The removable leads are made of a flexible PVC cable. A flexible lead pin is ideal for connecting an oscillograph to automotive connectors as well as other recessed areas. A thin pin and a handy holder allow connecting to virtually any connector without damaging the circuit and wiring insulation, which enables to reduce the circuit rust. The spring prevents the pin from accidental breakage.

With the help of a standard 4 mm Banana plug you can easily connect/disconnect/change test leads. This plug is compatible with test leads from other manufacturers as well as multimeters. If needed, the test lead pin can be replaced by an alligator clip or a plunger mini hook. Pin holders could be color-marked by heat-shrink tubing.