SP-ext banana plug double end wire extension

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Used as an extension cord while measuring signals by an oscilloscope or multimeter. Can also be used as power cables for supplying voltage to different car units. Designed for current strength of up to 25 A.  With a standard 4 mm banana plug, the extensions are compatible with all the test leads we produce. 


Operating voltage

300 V maximum

Allowable current

25 A maximum

Output connector

4 mm banana plug/socket

Total length

2.5 m

Cable cross section

2.5 sq.mm

Operating temperature range

-20...80 ℃


200 g


Items Included

  • Extension cable (red) – 1 pc
  • Extension cable (black) – 1 pc

SP-ext banana plug extensions delivery set

Test Probe Design

The test leads are made of a flexible PVC cable. With the help of a standard 4 mm banana plug you can easily connect/disconnect/change test leads. This plug is compatible with test leads from other manufacturers as well as multimeters.