SP-ac spare alligator clip probes

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Designed for connecting an oscilloscope to automotive terminals and wires, both thin and thick wires of up to 15 mm diameter. Compatible with TL-mlp, TL-light, TL-light, TL-dif, TL-mix4, TL-mix6 test leads.



ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Operating voltage

60 V maximum

Output connector

4 mm banana plug

Total length

0.3 m

Operating temperature range

-20 to 80 ℃


30 g




Items Included

  • replacement test lead with black plunger hook - 1 pc
  • replacement test lead with red plunger hook - 1 pc
SP-ac delivery set

Test Probe Design

The replacement leads are made of a flexible PVC cable. An alligator clip is ideal for connecting an oscilloscope to automotive terminals as well as other electrical circuits. With the help of a standard 4 mm banana plug you can easily connect/disconnect/change test leads. This plug is compatible with test leads from other manufacturers as well as multimeters. If needed, the test lead pin can be replaced by a flexible pin or a hook. Could be color-marked by heat-shrink tubing.