PS16 automotive pressure sensor

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The sensor measures cylinder compression, intake manifold vacuum, back pressure. All these measurements can be made in one hit. These parameters allow detecting airflows from the combustion chamber, as well as determining the working phases of the valve timing. It is also possible to carry out measurements in other engine systems, within the working range of the sensor, such as fuel system, lubrication and cooling systems.



ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Pressure Medium

gas, fuel, oil, coolant

Pressure ranges

-1 to 16 bar

Overload Pressure

24 bar


294 mV/bar

Output Signal Type



+/- 2%

Output Signal

0 to +5 V

Response time (10% to 90%)

1 ms maximum

Recommended Sampling Rate

20 kHz minimum

Signal Cable Length

2.5 m

Supply voltage (recommended)

11 to 25 V (12 V)

Consumption current

10 mA maximum

Output sensor connector


Output cable connector


Housing Material



nickel chrome plating

Operating temperature range

-20 to 80 °С

Compensated temperature range

0 to +70 °С

Sensor weight (with connection cable)

105 (275) g

Pressure conversion response

PS16 pressure conversion response

Electrical protection:

- from the reverse polarity;

- from the ground fault of the sensor signal output;

- from supplying the voltage to the sensor signal output;

- the sensor case is not connected to the negative wire, so if the sensor is screwed into the spark-plug well and the negative power wire is accidentally connected to the positive terminal of the automotive battery, there won’t be a short circuit.



Items Included

  • PS16 pressure sensor– 1 pc
  • Connection cable – 1 pc
PS16 pressure sensor contents delivery

Video Tutorials

Diagnosing a timing belt system with the help of a PS16 pressure sensor and MT Pro automotive oscilloscope, connecting the sensor to the engine, oscilloscope tuning, waveform recording while idle running, increased load and cranking. I’ll demonstrate all of this on Seat Ibiza.

In-cylinder compression measuring of a petrol Volkswagen Golf 4 2000 1.6 during cranking using the PS16 pressure sensor and Autoscope automotive oscilloscope (39:47).

Sensor Design

The sensor case is made of steel, which reliably protects it from possible mechanical damage and external electromagnetic noise. The coating is black zinc. The connecting thread is М14х1.25. If you need to connect the sensor to another threaded connection, use one of the recommended adapters.

The signal cable is connected to the sensor via a three-pin connector with a latch.

1. Signal

2. "-" (GND)

3. "+ 12V"

pressure sensor PS16 pinout

The soft microphone cable with a dense shielding braid is used as a signal cable. BNC is used as a sensor-oscilloscope connector. The power cable is insulated in soft silicone. Clips are used for connecting to the automotive battery.

PS16 pressure sensor signal cable drawing

The sensor is compatible with the MT Pro motor tester, but it can also be used with any other oscilloscope and be connected to any analog channels.



MT Pro automotive oscilloscope setting