DIS4 Secondary ignition clip for distributorless ignition system diagnostics
The ignition pickup sensor is designed for waste spark ignition systems (DIS) diagnostics (up to 4 cylinders are diagnosed simultaneously). It’s used for measuring secondary voltage parameters, accessing ignition spark capability and identifying problems related to high-tension leads, plugs, caps and coils. It clips around the spark plug wires and detect the pulse created when a spark is produced, converting it to a waveform for display.

Key Features


MLab (Ukraine)

Number of simultaneously diagnosed cylinders (coils)

≤ 4 (≤ 2)

Output connector


Supply voltage

not provided

Output Signal Type


Operating temperature range

-20 to 80℃

Output Signal


Recommended Sampling Rate

not less than 250 kHz

Signal Cable Length

2.5 m

Housing Material