Cx1 high voltage ignition probe

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The probe is designed to diagnose ignition distribution systems. It’s mounted onto high-tension leads to obtain a second voltage signal. It allows measuring secondary voltage parameters, ignition spark capability and identifying problems related to high-tension leads, plugs, caps and coils. It’s also used to obtain a triggering signal from the first cylinder (first cylinder marks).




ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Output connector


Supply voltage

not provided

Output Signal Type


Output Signal


Recommended Sampling Rate

250 kHz minimum

Signal Cable Length

2.5 m

Housing Material


Operating temperature range

-20 to 80℃


140 g


Items Included

  • Cx1 probe – 1 pc
Cx1  ignition probe delivery set

Probe Design

A soft microphone braided cable is used as a cord. BNC is used as a sensor-oscilloscope connector. The probe case is made of polyurethane, which makes a sensitive sensor element damage-proof. The sensor was developed as compatible with MT Pro automotive oscilloscope as well as any other oscilloscope, analog channel or synchronizing channel (if used as an ignition probe). All you need is select the input range of ±0,2 V and sample rate of 250 kHz minimum.


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