One of the most widely-used online payment systems PayPal is not supported in Ukraine. For this reason we can’t sell our produce on popular online shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon. That’s why we have to resort to alternative payment methods. Currently, the most commonly used money transfer services are Western Union, Money Gram, Transfer Wise and PaySend.

Each of the payment methods above can be made online via a bank card in any currency. The money transfer fee is paid by a customer, the commission rate varies depending on the money transfer system, the amount of money and the country you’re sending from. To calculate the commission go to the given online payment system webpage and fill in your data. Normally, the money transfer is immediately available to the recipient. However, in some cases it takes 1-2 working days.

A detailed description on how each payment system works:

TransferWise (preferred)


Western Union (temporarily unavailable)


Each of these methods cannot ensure a customer’s security, so the transaction is based on trust. We value our reputation and our clients, so it’s our priority to help you solve your problem. We are currently expanding the network of our representatives abroad, so it will be more convenient and faster to purchase our produce. Please, take a look at the list of our representatives in the Contacts section.