Vehicle diagnosis category

Vehicle Diagnostics

A modern car repair requires preliminary careful diagnostics. These days computer technology means more accurate results with minimum investment of time for this procedure. Computer diagnostics is based on simultaneous control of engine’s different physical characteristics with the help of sensors and multi-input oscilloscope. Program analysis of the findings allows detecting minor flaws at the inception stage, which helps you avoid a costly car repair. The suggested methods are universal and applicable for diagnosing petrol, diesel as well as gas engines.

balancing category

Vibration Diagnostics

Vibrations caused during machinery work result in super-load on car parts, add to wearing, decrease durability and finally have a negative impact on our health. Therefore, dealing with harmful vibrations is an urgent issue in the modern mechanical engineering. In order to decrease vibrations of rotary bodies at the fabrication stage, during repairs or while in service they are to be balanced by measuring their mass or geometry. The suggested balance equipment enables controlling vibrations of various machinery construction objects, estimating their impact on the target systems as well as adjusting measurements.


How to test battery, starter and alternator in complex
24 November 2018

We've made a new video, showing a full test on the battery, starter and alternator.

How to add new waveform to the library
9 November 2018

We made a new video. We demonstrate how to download a new automotive waveform to the library.

Automotive Oscillogram library launching
5 November 2018

We’ve finally launched our new on-line product - Automotive Oscillogramm library. There is only Russian version available now. The English version is coming soon. We'll gladly receive your review or recommendations.

продажа осциллографа мотор-тестера MT Pro 4.1
21 September 2018

MT Pro 4.1 automotive oscilloscope form MLab is available for sale. Now you can buy whole set: oscilloscope, test probes and sensors you need. For a detailed description click the link.

Power windows repair by the example of a 2005 Renault Megane, SP-flexpin test leads application
17 September 2018

A great diagnostician Eugene Irimia has made a new video, which demonstrates the process of repairing 2005 Renault Megane power windows, using our test leads. Subscribe to his channel and find a lot of useful information on car diagnosis and repair.